Riders Instructions

New Entry System

When you enter the Hell of the Ashdown for 2022, this will be under a new registration system. On entering you will be required to provide more information than previously asked for. This now includes an address so that we can mail your Rider Pack directly to you. If you do not fill in the required fields you will not be able to complete your entry

  1. Your finishing time will be sent to you via SMS, provided that you have passed through all timing areas as directed by the marshals, and have supplied your correct mobile telephone number.
  2. If you wish to have a Certificate there is now an option to download this, print it and add in your SMS finishing time. (Click here)
  3. If you wish to enter as a Group please read the instructions on this method very clearly.
  4. If for any reason you forget to bring your number with its timing chip you will not be allowed to start the event officially or use the HQ or the feed stations.
  5. A very small number of spare timing chips will be available in the HQ at Westerham Brewery, Beggars Ln, Westerham TN16 1QP for anyone who has genuinely forgotten their own. There will be an additional £10 administration charge payable on the day before these are dispensed. These will not be used as 'on the day' entries under any circumstances.

Group Entries

As advertised, there is a 10% discount for groups of over 6 and under 10.For groups over this size you will need to complete further entries.

To use the group entry facility

Allocate someone to enter for all riders, he/she will have to pay the fees for all riders, they will also have to provide the telephone number for each person to enable them to receive the SMS message. The allocated person will receive ALL PACKS for the riders they have entered and will need to distribute these to all the other members of their group.

Closing date for entries

The final closing date for entries is the 6th February 2022. We close then as we have to administer sending out the entries and complying with H&S regulations etc. No entries will be taken after this date due to insurance restrictions,

Before the event

On your entry being accepted you will receive an Entry Confirmation, together with your allocated Time Slot, Emergency Contact Details. Also included will be links to Parking Instructions, theRoute Sheet and the Riders' Agreement.

It is therefore vital that the Email that you have used to enter is correct.

Location and arrival

The event Headquarters (HQ) is Westerham Brewery, Beggars Ln, Westerham TN16 1QP.

There is no parking at the Brewery or on Beggars Lane – this is to ensure rider safety. Kent County Police will be on location at Beggars Lane to enforce the no parking policy working with our event marshals.

We have two locations for free rider parking:

Darent Public Car Park, Hollingworth Way, Westerham TN16 1BS

Valence School, Brasted Road, Westerham TN16 1QN

Both car parks have ample parking spaces and both car parking options are free for HOTA riders. Darent car park is a public car park and is accessible 24/7. Please note that there are overhead gantry barriers in the car park – the overflow car park gantry will be open to allow riders with roof racks to park whilist all other areas of the car park are suitable for riders with rear bike rack mounts
Valence car park will be open from 6am onwards – The entry to the school is off the A25, and will be clearly sign posted with marshals positioned on the A25 to direct you into the car park and allocate you parking – FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.
Valence School operates a one way traffic flow system – cars enter the lane shared with Westerham Golf Club and exit a separate lane which joins into the A25 – Once you have parked and are ready to head to the Event Start location follow the directional signs to the start as you will be using an exit different to the entrance you drove in in order to rejoin the A25


HQ Information

The Venue will open at 7:00am

Before you leave home please affix your rider number (with attached timing chip) on your handlebars (plastic ties for attachment are included). This must be in place in order to register your time. Make sure it is clearly visible for identification purposes and as an aid to the Photographer.

The rider number/chip is fully disposable and there is no need to return it after completion of the ride.

Before setting off a qualified cycle mechanic will be on hand to provide any last minute mechanical support and supply a limited stock of spare parts.

Feed stations at the two stops will provide a range of food and drink free of charge to registered riders.

Starting the ride

Departure starts at 8.00am and goes on through to 10.30am. It is important to stick to your allocated departure time because only a limited number of riders can set off together – there will be plenty of opportunities to regroup with friends during the ride.

You will be asked to wait in a holding area and then called into a waiting area. At the appropriate time you will be then move forward into the departure area. Please listen to the starter’s instructions whilst waiting to start. When you roll over the matting, your timing will start.

Check & Feed Points

There are two indoor feed/check points on the route. First after 31 miles at the Ashdown Forest Centre and the second after 53miles at the Scout Hut in Sevenoaks Weald. Be sure to cross the timing mats at these locations. Both Feed/Check points will be well sign posted.

Mechanics will be on hand at the Ashdown Forest Centre.

There will be a range of foods (bananas, energy bars, cakes etc) and drinks at no cost to riders.


Please be on your best cycling behaviour on the ride, obey the highway code, be courteous to other road uses and riders, don’t drop litter. If you need to take a natural break please do so as not to cause offence to others. The route will be fully sign posted and you will be helped by some 60 marshals (in high viz jackets) on the course together with NEG motorbike marshals.

A roving mechanic will also be on hand should assistance be required. Be sure to have the Emergency Number 07833 222751 available at all times during the ride.

The route is very demanding with a lot of climbing; very fit riders can finish in under 4 hours others could take 7 hours or more.

SMS update of position

Registered riders who complete the Hell of the Ashdown 2022 and have gone through all of the checkpoints on the course will receive a text update congratulating them on their achievement, together with the recorded time for the event. Any queries on time should be addressed to the Head of Registration, who can be found in the main hall.


On your return to the HQ be sure to go over the finishing line/mat in order to register your finishing time, which will be forwarded to you via a SMS message. So please ensure that you have included your mobile phone number onto your entry form. Full results will be available on the HOTA website within 48 hours.